Ever given your number in any survey form? Or at a mall? Or you subscribed to a text mail. Out there on the internet, several articles are talking about text mail subscribers. Is a text mail subscriber an unconventional business strategy sending you important promotional information? Or is the whole thing a scam? Here you’ll find all the answers in one place.

What is a text mail subscriber?

Any person or a firm that subscribes to receive mail only in text format is called a text mail subscriber.

So,  what is a text mail subscriber? The general emails you receive will be in HTML / Graphic format. But if you subscribe to a text mail, you will receive the emails only in text format. These firms are employing a web service that relies on text mail to send regular information to potential clients.

Is it a complete scam? Since many legitimate firms are doing this, one cannot say that all text emails are scams. Yet, many shady texts also exist that we need to stay away from.

How to filter out genuine text mail senders?

How can you keep yourself safe from fake text mails and filter out the genuine businesses that are useful to you?

  • Pay attention to the language: language can be a giveaway against fake text mail. As a keen observer, you will find that there are many grammatical errors and a lack of useful information in fake texts. Similarly, stay away from flashy language and unbelievable claims. If you see an extravagant offer or the sale of a product that seems impractical, chances are that you are correct. Read all mail carefully and respond to only the ones that you can trust.
  • Pay attention to the format: A genuine firm will not only rely on a standardized texting format but will also sign off properly. You should be wary of any messages with links in them. Never click on the link uness you trust the source. On the other hand, many other scammers create official looking SMS that follows the specific format of a famous bank or store.
  • Stay away from immediate payments: stay away from those texts that encourage you to make immediate payments. Stay away from such mail that includes links in them. There are many scammers out there who ask for bank details details in the guise of sending you money.
  • Recall your past experiences: if there is good quality content coming to you from a text mail sender, you might have provided them with your details in the past. Try to recall your memory. Every firm or company has a text mail subscriber list. Wondering what is a text mail subscriber list? It is a list of subscribers that a firm sends the messages to. For genuine firms this is a voluntary programmed, and for scammers these are assorted lists from various unfair sources.

How to locate who your text mail sender is?

Even if your text mail sender wants to play hooky, you can still figure out who they are. These are simple methods and can be used without the investment of much time or money.

  • Do a browser search: Using this kind of search you can also look up whether this certain company or firm employs such mailing methods or not. You can reach out to the representatives and ask about your recent experience and why you were not satisfied with it.
  • Look through social media: indeed, many small businesses and consultancies these days do not even have a website. Moreover, a social media platform is a place where other users who have faced a similar situation can leave their opinions or warn other people. Social media is also a great place to learn more about the true nature of services they are advertising.
  • Track the number: mobile tracking apps like Truecaller are a great way to identify the true identity of any mobile number. Even if the mobile number is not registered, other users on the mobile tracking app will flag that number as a scam. Some mobile tracking devices also offer users the option to block any number that has a history of getting flagged.
  • Read the reviews: if you have a lot of questions about a certain firm, you can move on step ahead and read the reviews of other users associated with these firms and companies. Some even offer useful help. You might come across the various procedures of firms – some even genuine ones – that you will be all the better for knowing.


What should you do if a text mail sender turned out to be someone they should not be? The best method is to block them. You can approach a local federal authority to report the number along with the kinds of activities that are happening through it. If it is a genuine service,, you can simply visit the website or contact the individual in person to ask them to remove you from the subscription list.