For ages, the fuel consumption of vehicles and the increased rate of air pollution has been a major concern. But, technological advancement has allowed engineers to design and create cars that run on batteries and not fuel. This is where the forever battery comes into action by bringing an electric revolution.

The American company, QuantumScape is profoundly involved in creating the forever battery. A simple or conventional battery consists of a liquid electrolyte that dries up over time. The idea of the forever battery is to convert the liquid electrolyte into a solid state by compressing it.

 This process will create a solid battery that is hyper-compact. Theoretically speaking, such a battery has no wasted space, and the energy density is infinite. Thus, it charges very quickly and lasts a long time. Apart from vehicles, the forever battery will supposedly be capable of charging our phones and smart watches within seconds and retain the battery percentage for over a day. If executed properly, experts hope that this technology will make our lives more convenient.

Advantages of the Forever Battery

The company working on the forever battery explained why the battery is so efficient and convenient compared to a conventional battery with a liquid electrolyte. Some of the advantages of the forever battery are given below.

  • The forever battery charges very quickly: Earlier, it took hours for our phones to charge up to 100%. With the availability of fast chargers in the market, the time taken for a phone to charge its battery to 100% is reduced to an hour. But, when the forever battery is introduced to the markets, buyers can charge their phones within a few minutes. Laptops will not require an electric connection or a charger for several hours once it has been charged using the forever battery.
  • The forever battery is supposed to last ‘forever’: Keeping the substantial idea of the idea of forever being subjective aside, you can expect the forever battery to last you a lifetime. Since the electrolyte used is hyper-compact and solid, it is not supposed to dry up and expire like any other conventional battery. Once charged, your electrical vehicle will be able to run smoothly for thousands of miles without the need to be charged again. This makes the whole process very convenient and quick for the user.
  • The forever battery can work in any condition: The data collected from single-layer testing suggests that it can run efficiently in extreme conditions. The test showed that the forever battery worked almost seamlessly at the freezing temperature of a negative thirty degree Celsius (-30°C), unlike a conventional battery whose electrolyte freezes in such extreme negative temperatures. This data is gathered only after a single layer of testing, and the battery has been tested at over 5000 cycles with 16 layers in the year 2021.

Is Forever Battery a Hoax?

The startup (QuantumScape) that is working on the development of the forever battery was backed up by the technological giant and the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. The solid-state and lithium metal-based forever batteries are supposed to be launched in 2024 as it has achieved all the internal and developmental milestones for the year 2021.

This achievement of internal milestones includes the battery being tested under predefined testing conditions of a 10-layer battery. QuantumScape has also shared data that shows that the solid lithium metal batteries have completed 15-minute fast charging cycles 400 times consecutively that replenish 10% to 80% of battery capacity and simultaneously retain more than 80% of the initial energy.

Such promising data prove that the forever battery is legitimate and will be launched in a few years.

How can it bring revolution in the electric sector?

The forever battery is set to bring a revolution in the electric sector by eliminating the need to charge a vehicle or any electrical device at frequent intervals. Once the solid lithium metal batteries succeed, the lithium might be replaced with graphene. Using lithium metal for the negative electrode only has the potential of doubling the battery’s energy density.

If the forever battery performs as advertised, there will be a significant level of advancement in the journey of a greener power production process and shake the whole electric sector. The forgery battery will resolve any energy density issues and reduce the chances of the battery being shorted out due to damage.


The production of the forever battery might be costly, but once it is executed properly, there will be a significant increase in the efficiency of any electric vehicle using a forever battery or any other electrical appliance. The goal of the forgery battery is to create a sustainable source of great energy density that saves time by charging rapidly and retaining it over a long period.