There is a lot to consider when you are looking for the perfect mobile service that will get the job done for you – the intensity of usage, customer service, location, network, budget requirements and the list goes on. Spectrum Mobile is one of the leading mobile services in the country. Therefore, if this service feels like it is made for you, it is not time to look at the pros and cons of spectrum mobile.

What is the Spectrum Mobile Plan?

It was in 2018 that Spectrum Charter launched Spectrum Mobile plans. It was curated specially for all existing Spectrum Mobile users. This mobile service feature covers 4G LTE for cellular phones and spans the whole country.

It is famous not only for one of the most affordable pricing points but also for the excellent Spectrum Mobile customer retention service that it is famous for. Pros and cons of spectrum mobile, therefore, start from the obvious and move to more technical aspects.

Pros of Spectrum Mobile

  • Affordable unlimited data plans: most customers will agree that the spectrum mobile data plans are one of the most affordable ones available today. The cheapest plan are priced at $29.99 per month. Both existing spectrum mobile services, as well as spectrum mobile byod services, offer users a chance to register two phone numbers together. This plan – even the one at the cheapest rate – offers both data usage and unlimited talk time. Similarly, these plans also come with the facility of texting through your Spectrum Mobile phone.
  • Connect to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots: yes! Spectrum mobile has now installed Wi-Fi hotspots across various points of each majority from the East Coast to the West Coast. Customers who have opted for any spectrum mobile service plan can avail of these Wi-Fi hotspots as soon as they step outside. Further, it is well known that spectrum mobile wi-fi hotspots are relatively quite safe. You can contact the spectrum mobile customer retention department for more details regarding hotspots.
  • Excellent coverage across the nation: it cannot be denied that a major factor where the pros outweigh the cons comes to Spectrum mobile is the coverage. Spectrum mobile covers around 70% of the country and offline as well as online spectrum mobile customer retention service and Spectrum mobile byod service are available at almost all of these places. They also offer lots of combinations that you can go for, for example, the $80 monthly plan at 5G which gives a 300 Mbps internet connection.
  • By-the-gig plans: these plans are budget-friendly plans that are great if you usually work from home or an office that provides an additional Wi-Fi connection to you. This means you sign up for very little data, but still have the capacity to make unlimited calls and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots from spectrum mobile. These plans start with 1 GB per month at $14. As soon as this data runs out, spectrum mobile offers you a chance to immediately refill another 1 GB for the same price.
  • Spectrum Mobile BYOD: to be honest, the pros and cons of Spectrum Mobile extend in both directions when it comes to device compatibility. As for spectrum mobile byod however, it is mostly a Plus. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. Or as many people like to call it, Bring Your Own Phone. Therefore it is no secret that spectrum mobile is now offering customers a chance to switch from other mobile phone careers to this brand. For this, spectrum no longer looks at the mobile device, but simply checks the compatibility.

Cons of Spectrum Mobile

  • Practical caps do exist: even though spectrum mobile advertises unlimited, no capped service, this does not stand for the internet. Caps do exist when it comes to mobile data, especially for the more affordable plans. For example, the $29.99 plan suffers from buffering and slower usage at 20GB monthly. For some people, this might be too less. In that case, however, there is an option for you to purchase the more expensive plans which offer higher value for money when it comes to caps.
  • Not everyone likes customer service: some users have reported facing issues with the spectrum mobile customer retention Having bill problems is quite common among Spectrum Mobile users, though it does not happen to the majority. Some users comment that this customer retention department focused on company prophets than cleared the actual issues faced by users. Make sure to look at the mobile bills carefully if you do go for Spectrum Mobile services.
  • Compatibility is a major factor: BYOD has become a huge marketable facility for Spectrum Mobile, but the only reason this has happened is that compatibility has always been an issue for those users who are not using Spectrum Mobile equipment from the start. Although Spectrum is now extending the bracket of devices that it can be compatible with, many users will still find that their devices won’t fit the criteria.


This blog covered all the major pros and cons of spectrum mobile that you as a customer need to know before purchasing your mobile plans. Another thing to remember is that Spectrum Mobile plans are only for those customers who have purchased an internet plan or a bundle plan before.