The Meta app manager has recently gained a lot of attention for being a hidden app that ends up draining a lot of battery and data on an everyday basis for many Android users. Today we will talk about what Meta app manager is and how it operates on your phone. This is a shortcut path to understand whether or not your social media habits require you to keep the manager app on the phone. Is it safe to uninstall Meta app manager on Android?

What is Meta app manager?

Since this app comes as a part and parcel of the Facebook app, one might often wonder What is Meta app manager? The meta app manager is simply another name for the Facebook app manager, and this app is installed along with the Facebook applications like the messenger app, Facebook and Facebook lite, Instagram, Facebook gaming etc. This app is designed to identify users and their internet behaviour patterns so that they can be awarded a more personalized experience from Meta.

Using your user data from various platforms, Meta creates a virtual user profile. Secondly, it also uses your data as a part of aggregate user data that comes to Meta every year and they process these aggregates to come to conclusions about the performance of the app as well as the company.

Purpose of Meta app manager on Android

Most Android users who are using new versions of Android phones have this application pre-installed. This means even if they do not use any Meta applications like Facebook or Instagram, this app is still available and working in the background. The app offers better optimization and experience for new users. When users install Facebook and Instagram, they have a much better experience because this app is pre-installed. However the meta app manager for Android can be disabled on any Android phone if the user does not find any use for them.

How to disable the Meta app manager?

It is perfectly safe to disable the meta app manager on Android if you feel like this app is not working for you. The phone will run just as it did before even without the app and you can even use Facebook and other Meta apps after it is disabled. But if you are using any Meta applications rest assured that every time you update or reinstall any application this app will start working in the background again. How to disable the app manager? Let us see:

  • Go to the Settings of your Android phone.
  • In all Android phones, there is an option to show System Apps. If these apps are not showing, you might have to update your installed Android version. Even then if the apps do not show, you might have to contact customer support.
  • Under the System Apps, you will find the app titled Meta app manager. Go to app settings.
  • In the Meta manager app settings, there will be an option to disable the app. Click on it and confirm your choice. The app will be disabled.

When should you disable the manager app from Meta?

In what circumstances is it completely okay to disable the manager app from Meta? If you ask us, the answer is, in every circumstance. The Meta app manager is an optional application and your phone can function without it. Far as the Meta applications are concerned, their performance may not be as good as it was in the absence of manager app.

  • Your battery is draining: Background system apps can drain the phone battery quickly and disrupt the everyday plans of the users. Prolonged stress on the battery can even damage its performance long-term. In such cases, you can conserve battery by disabling such apps.
  • The app is taking up your mobile data: Most apps use mobile data these days and the Meta app is one of them. If you work with a limited amount of data or if you have post-paid plans, you can cut down on the data used by deleting the apps.
  • You are bothered by personalized advertisements: not everyone enjoys or uses personalized advertisements. It is completely normal to consider personalized advertisements or marketing as a breach of privacy. If that is the case, disabling the Meta manager is the first thing you should do.
  • You don’t use Meta: if you do not use Meta apps at all, there can be no reason for you to keep the Meta manager running. This not only adds up to all the issues listed above but also raises the question – what is the Meta manager even doing on a phone that doesn’t use its applications?


We hope now you are aware of what is the Meta app manager and how you can change the way your Android phone interacts with it. If you are worried about the safety of your information this can be a big step for you. However, if you continue using the Meta manager app, it is also perfectly fine to do. At last you are the one who defines what safety means to you.