HP is known internationally for its premium build quality and long-term performance. Two of HP’s best touch computers are the HP Envy and HP Pavilion. They have many similar features that make them competitive choices. In this article, we will explore HP Pavilion Vs Envy so that you can conclude which of these two is better for you.

HP Pavilion vs Envy

HP Envy and HP Pavilion are perhaps the best touch computers available in the market today. A point-by-point comparison can however still be made to decide which one of these is a better choice for you.

  • Build quality

HP Envy has a luxury build quality. It is made with premium quality materials. HP Pavilion, on the other hand, is manufactured with affordable raw materials to make it more appealing to a budget-oriented consumer base. This makes the Pavilion cost-efficient but at the same time, prone to damage.

  • Price

As we just discussed, HP Envy is the costlier of the two options. HP Pavilion laptops are created to provide consumers value for money, while the Envy designs are more ‘ premium’ experience-oriented. Moreover, this computer boasts advanced security options, privacy features and speed performance to increase user productivity. The HP Pavilion laptops are priced at an average of around 50,000 INR whereas the HP Envy can cost an average of 8,0000 INR to the buyer.

  • Display

HP Envy again has a lead when it comes to display. This computer comes with the best quality graphics card and aids the performance of graphic designers, artists, digital marketers, photographers, cinematographers, engineers and gamers in mind. There can be nothing to complain about the graphic display as far as Envy is concerned. HP Pavilion has a good display for personal use. However, it is not the best choice for somebody who requires a great display of professional quality.

  • Performance

HP Envy only uses the latest Intel processors. This means the processors are up to date with all the updated software requirements and data processing requirements that users might come to need at a technical level. The processor is not affected by long-term usage or excessive workload. It also balances multiple tasks easily and can be compatible with all up-and-coming applications. HP Pavilion however is also a leading laptop and computer option for most users. Even though older-generation processors are used in these computers, they perform excellently in high-stress situations and have lag issues.

  • Battery

When it comes to battery, Pavilion has the upper hand. HP Envy computers batteries only last for 4 to 6 hours where the HP Pavilion batteries easily last for 7 and even 9 hours. The fact that HP Pavilion is more lightweight and also has long battery hours makes it more suitable for travelling. HP Pavilion can incur heat damage easily, which means the battery has a greater chance of needing replacement soon.

  • Professional use

Without a doubt, most experts will agree that only HP Envy qualifies as a professional computer. HP Pavilion is more than enough for students and buyers who intend to use it for personal work. HP Pavilion is also great for professionals who do low-intensity work, such as writing or data entry. Advanced Software might not fair equally well, because HP Pavilion does not have 100% mouse precision or accuracy.

  • Backlit keyboards

Backlit keyboards have become a recent necessity among users, and some of them would even go as far as to say that it is an absolute necessity because of the rising trend. However, it can be argued backlit keyboards are indeed more than a trend because you will surely need a backlit keyboard if you plan to use the laptop in dark settings. Both HP Envy and HP Pavilion have the backlit keyboard feature. But it is usually found in newer models.

  • 2-in-1 feature

HP Envy and HP Pavilion come in an x360 version that is popularly known among users as the 2-in-1 feature. Both of these computers offer a 360-degree range. The four different display modes are laptop, tablet, reverse and tent. They include USB C and USB A ports. There is one HDMI 2.0 and one 1.4 port along with an FHD display. HD webcams and increased resilience make them even more attractive. HP Envy 2-in-1 has a thunderbolt port but Pavilion x360 does not.


Both HP Envy and HP Pavilion have their plus and minus points. At the end of the day, the connection between a user and the device is a completely subjective experience. Which of these computers is most suitable for you will depend on your requirements and how you like to work. So, the winner of HP Pavilion Vs Envy varies from person to person. All HP computers give excellent performance in all settings and are a sense of security for most potential buyers. They are also easily the most damage-resistant models in the market today.