At present, Instagram is considered one of the leading social media platforms with more than billions of active monthly users. Thus, for obvious reasons, regardless of what type of business you do, you can get tons of benefits by running marketing campaigns for your brand on Instagram. 

Also, Instagram influences the purchase decisions of users, apart from promoting a positive brand image and brand awareness. So, are you also thinking of using Instagram as a potent marketing channel for your brand? But don’t you know which marketing tools for Instagram would be ideal for you to choose? Well, then you have come to the right place; we have enlisted the top 10 free tools for your purpose. Have a look!


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It helps you monitor brand mentions regardless of what kind of brand you are having, whether it is big, large, or medium. You can also engage with customers better so that you can manage your reputation, identify influencers who use your services or products, and track other things for your business growth. With this tool, you can find untagged mentions and easily engage with them. Awario finds all the mentions of your brand and analyzes them competently. The language, key topics, and most influential topics of the mentions can be seen properly through this tool.


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If you are looking out for effective marketing tools for Instagram that can monitor your performance, Squarelovin is just for you. It shows how much successful your account is. Also, you will be able to see how your metrics change with time and which posts affect your expansion directly. Followers and likes can be optimally tracked by the tool. Also, it reviews your post’s performance and measures the whole profile engagement while suggesting you the best time to post ideal filters and hashtags.


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Users are already allowed by Instagram to edit their content before publishing. But many filters seem to be too unnatural. Now, most brands look for a consistent and appealing aesthetic. Thus, they make use of tools to make their image stand out. Instasize provides over 80 filters to use in your videos and pictures. In addition, you can customize the details of your photographs by finetuning the brightness, sharpness, contrast, etc. Also, you can get access to 50 unique, effortless-to-edit, and easy-to-manipulate fonts.


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Instagram does not allow you to rearrange the posted pictures. So, you cannot change your profile’s look after you have successfully uploaded the images. Therefore, several influencers and brands use tools for planning their grid. The Preview app helps you exactly do so. You can now rearrange multiple photos by dragging them to the correct position, swapping two pictures, or shuffling various images. While organizing the layout, you can also edit them. Also, the app comes with unique filters to use in your pictures or reels. Besides, the calendar icon shows you future posts as well.


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Are you looking for free and premium marketing tools online for scheduling your social media posts? Buffer is a freemium tool that allows you to schedule a post on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram. Buffer has a web version and a mobile app too. You can also publish and schedule your Instagram posts from your smartphone and desktop using it. It is pretty easy to use, and you do not need any special skills. Just hook up the social accounts, schedule your posts, and you are good to go!


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Nothing works more magically than hashtags if you want more people to discover your Instagram posts. So, there are many marketing tools Instagram that allows users to incorporate the right hashtags into their posts. One of the most effective tools is RiteTag. Using this tool, you can include certain powerful hashtags that will get your posts in front of many people who are not even your followers. Instagram always favors the use of specific and relevant hashtags. Thus, RiteTag allows you to assess particular hashtags before publishing your Instagram post. It will give you detailed insights into the hot, overused, and shadow-banned hashtags.

Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text messageDescription automatically generated is an effective portal linking your website to your Instagram account. It helps you recreate your Instagram feed on your website, where all your followers can click on their preferred product images from your product listings. In addition, you can now link your Instagram pictures for content posting on your website. With this option, you can update blogs regularly and receive many followers from your one-link Insta bio. Also, with this tool, you can easily monitor and increase your leads and conversions redirecting from Instagram.


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Influencers can be highly beneficial for promoting your brand’s products and services. So, among all marketing tools Instagram, InfluencerDB is an influencer discovery tool that displays the famous Instagram influencers based on your industry and selected keyword. Additionally, it shows a vital analysis of their profiles like follower count, dynamics of the previous month, locations they tag, what brands and hashtags they talk about, who mentions them and who they mention, and a lot more. Also, you can compare Instagram influencers’ profiles to see who performs better. And based on that, you can even mark specific influencers as your favorites in the tool.


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You need to get engaged with your audience to facilitate the growth of your Instagram account. And obviously, interacting with several other people can leverage your brand awareness. But you need to make sure that you engage only with genuine people interested in your brand or services. You can select the “Analyze users when searching” option to turn on the machine learning algorithm of Combin for identifying and prioritizing accounts that are most likely to be loyal followers. Also, you can visit the “Audience management” tab to see who does not follow you and can unfollow those accounts easily.


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User-generated content is your best friend to leverage your business growth. You no more need to craft content and engage with followers and fans simultaneously. Sounds exciting, right? Well, Later is one of the most popular marketing tools online that can be your Instagram confidant. One of its most valuable features is “Search & Repost.” The tool searches for a relevant Instagram post based on your selected hashtag. Then, after you find a post you want to share with your fans, you can repost it or schedule it as per your convenience, easing out your labor.

Wrap Up

So, are you still thinking of the right platform to exercise the full potential of your Instagram account? Well, the above-mentioned free marketing tools for Instagram are exactly what you need.

Now, you can plan more strategically and follow your influencers to see what they are doing. Besides, get engaged with rock-solid content with your followers to gain a competitive edge.