Facebook has become a vast social media platform that has achieved steady and constant growth in terms of popularity. With the increasing number of Facebook users, several marketers and brands consider it a powerful marketing platform. 

So, if you are one of those marketers brainstorming on the ideal Facebook marketing tools, you have come to the right place. Here, we will share the most popular 10 marketing tools on Facebook to try in 2022.

Agora Pulse

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Agora Pulse is like a Facebook dashboard. It displays a rundown of all activities on the user’s page and allows you to schedule posts and start campaigns right from the dashboard. Most of the campaigns like a photo contest, fan vote, personality test, instant win, sweepstakes, quiz, and a lot more can be executed through this tool. You can even add the campaign’s information as a page section, and it can be promoted using a post to your page.


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From all the available marketing tools on Facebook, Sendinblue is quite effective. You can efficiently make and run your Facebook marketing campaigns with this tool. More people can be reached with compelling CTA (calls-to-action) and attractively-designed ads. This Facebook marketing tool allows you to retarget a particular contact list directly. After you have successfully set your advertisement parameters, the amount invested each day will be optimized automatically by this tool so that you can get the best output. Detailed reports will be offered to you so that your campaign performance can be analyzed well.

EdgeRank Checker

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One of the most renowned social media research websites, Social Bakers, owns EdgeRank Checker. This Facebook marketing tool offers a complete analysis and overview of a Facebook page with neat graphs and charts to display free scores. Also, this tool provides a few other advanced features such as key metrics and page recommendations.


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Who does not want to generate more leads for their business? Heyo is a Facebook marketing tool that can help you draw more leads. With this tool, you can easily make sweepstakes, hashtag campaigns, and contests for Facebook. Interactive campaigns can be run, such as quizzing, voting, etc. Also, this tool facilitates entries for video and photo contests. Besides being ready-to-use, it comes with readymade templates and facilitates swift integration with various tools. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced-level users. Moreover, if you want to expand your email list, Heyo can help you collect the email addresses of your potential customers through its robust features. Thus, all these attributes make Heyo one of the best marketing tools for promotion.


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Are you looking for excellent analytics and social media management tool? Well, there is nothing to worry about because Hootsuite is always available for you to use. Moreover, it helps users with seamless marketing through Facebook ads. With this tool, you can easily optimize your ad campaign. Also, with Hootsuite, you can target and retarget the correct group of people to facilitate more conversions. Besides, Hootsuite is the right platform if you want to learn the audience of your Facebook page and get engaged with them in a better way.


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If you are looking for effective marketing tools for promotion, opt for ShortStack. It is an ideal comprehensive Facebook marketing tool that helps make things easier while creating and adding any new campaign. You can get many options on your page to run your Facebook campaigns properly. ShortStack also offers an array of templates. You can put them to use for building a campaign right from scratch. And just within a couple of minutes, you can go live via ShortStack.

Facebook Page Barometer

Do you know what the health status of your Facebook page is? Don’t you want to see how it gets stacked up to the pages having similar scale and size? If yes, then Facebook Page Barometer would be the best choice. Apart from offering marketing tools and techniques, this particular Facebook marketing tool offers in-depth stats on customer engagement, reach, virality, feedback, and a lot more. Also, it compares your results with the result of other pages having a similar number of fans.

Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics

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Individual page owners and personal brands may find Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics a quick and easy-to-use tool. It is one of the most entertaining Facebook marketing tools available out there. It searches for individual Facebook profiles and pays you back with valuable information about you and your connections. This tool facilitates statuses, photos, links, post statistics, weekly post distribution, post lengths, word count, word frequency, and the most-liked posts. Some of the popular insights that this tool offers you include pie charts of relationship status, gender split, network map, friend local times and friend locations, ages, and oldest and youngest friend.


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Postplanner helps you triple your engagement just within 10 minutes. It is pretty trendy because of its viral search feature. If you are looking for a scientifically proven viral photo, this tool’s “Viral Photos” feature can help you a lot. Just search for the most viral content on Facebook through this tool and post or reshare it to your Facebook timeline. Also, Postplanner helps you set custom post schedules as per your requirement.


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Remember that you need both marketing tools and techniques to grow your brand or page on Facebook. And for doing so, nothing can be more effective than this tool. So, if you want to make custom Facebook tabs, create a cover image design, run contests, or design a visual post, opt for Pagemodo. Also, it allows you to find content and schedule posts on Facebook. The cover creation tool of Pagemodo is something that any marketer craves. It offers you the dimensions to arrange and fill in the photos. So, for designing visual posts, opt for a similar setup. You can select the template, fill it with customized content, and post directly to Facebook from Pagemodo.

End Thoughts

Are you looking for an ideal Facebook marketing tool for facilitating your business? Then, what are you waiting for? All the above-mentioned marketing tools on Facebook are just for you. However, the tools you select will depend on the needs of your purpose. Before choosing any of the tools, conduct thorough research, craft a strategy and know your plans of executing your ideas and turning them into reality.