Freelancing opportunities seem to increase each day. And this has led to the rising demand for quality freelancers for every niche. Hence, you can easily opt for freelancing instead of waiting for full-time jobs. It will not only help you earn a handsome passive income but also let you try a lot of newer things. 

However, to gain more clients in freelancing, it is imperative to have a robust social media presence. So, do you want to become a freelancer, or are you already one but have no clue how to stir your social media handles? Well, then, this article is just for you as we will discuss the 10 best marketing tools social media for freelancers in 2022.


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Now, your works can be easily batched together by tasks. And the good news is that you can do everything in one sitting while saving a lot of your time. This is why Buffer is one of the best marketing tools social media for freelancers.

You are no longer required to interrupt your work schedule and make regular social media posts on your handles. Instead, Buffer enables users to write posts ahead of time, which can be set in a queue to be published automatically at a specific time. This marketing tool serves as a browser extension for Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Hence, using this tool is relatively easy. Also, you can use email to add to the queue from your mobile device.


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Hootsuite is another social media marketing tool for freelancers out there. It is pretty similar to Buffer but comes with a few additional features. Here, you can easily engage with your followers and customers right from the app. And with a single click, you can reply to their comments at ease. 

This tool offers a robust set of analytic reports that helps you track how your social media posts are doing and how your audience is growing. Also, it provides valuable insights into the types of posts. In short, Hootsuite is an all-in-one package for leveraging your social media marketing efforts.

Agora Pulse

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Agora Pulse is one of the most valuable marketing tools for social media. It has some features similar to Hootsuite, but mainly their expanded versions. And this makes it a good-to-go option for all freelancers out there.

Agora Pulse offers you an “inbox-style” method of viewing your private messages and comments so that you can quickly clear through backlogs and ensure that nothing is missed. In addition, you get unlimited access to statistics and charts, and you can easily add them to a presentation with a single click. Agora Pulse also lets you moderate your content when you’re offline.


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Tweetdeck is specially designed for the Twitter platform. So, are you a Twitter user and want to put your primary focus only on this social media network? Well, then Tweetdeck might be the apt tool you need.

It allows you to control different Twitter accounts you have. For every Twitter account, the dashboard displays a separate column. The tool also separates particular activities like notifications and direct messages into their own columns. Being high customizable, you can delete, add, or modify the column’s order anytime.


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When discussing the best marketing tools for social media, the list remains incomplete without Buzzsumo. It is somehow similar to the Google Analytics of social media because it allows you to access the information that is trending and hot.

This tool enables you to search immediately over the last twelve months of content on all renowned social media websites. You can put Buzzsumo to use for viewing backlinks, discovering influencers, analyzing your competitors, and a lot more. Also, it is a highly beneficial tool for effective B2B social media campaigns.



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Tailwind is an analytics and scheduling tool for Instagram and Pinterest. Its feature of posting at the most suitable time allows you to supercharge your Instagram marketing. Also, it enables you to schedule your videos and photos accordingly. Moreover, it recommends hashtags for driving great engagement.

Besides, a powerful Pinterest scheduling is offered by Tailwind. You can make 10 pins in a single click anywhere. For every board and pin, it provides friendly analytics. Also, the drag and drop calendar within the tool will help you schedule posts professionally.


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One of the best social media marketing strategies is sharing and spreading your information with people from the same sphere of influence. For example, if you run a blog on a particular niche, you can get benefitted from other bloggers writing on the same domain as yours, and they might have the same audience as you do.

Triberr is adopted for social sharing and deserves to be listed in top social media marketing tools 2022. By banding with your fellow writer, you can receive more traffic for your posts or find other people working on the same niche.


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If your posts have eye-catching graphics, you can quickly grab viewers’ attention. While posting multiple social media posts, you can associate with infographics and other unique images for adding it up.

Canva can help you create attractive designs for your social media posts free of cost if you are a freelancer. You do not need any qualified skills to use this tool. It is a web-based app and offers hundreds of custom-made templates for every social media platform. Also, you get a wide range of free fonts, images, and backgrounds and an option to upgrade your stock photos.


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It is a perfect tool for marketing analytics and demands attention when discussing the best marketing tools 2022. Oribi is popularly known for offering valuable and actionable social media insights. However, you need not be a core developer to use the platform. It tracks all page visits and button clicks automatically.

Without any coding, you can easily define your conversion goals using Oribi. In addition, the optimization feature of this tool offers detailed insights so that you can drive more conversions. Besides, it provides you with every bit of detail about what will work for you and what will not.


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You might want to enhance your social media posts even more with some custom photography. Well, stock photos can prove to be expensive. But several websites exist that offer millions of ready-to-download images for commercial use. Some of them do not even need any attribution. One such tool is Pixabay.

The images stored on Pixabay are equally good as stock photography. You can easily look for pictures that make the most sense for your purpose. Pixabay has a vast collection of photos with excellent depth of field that is great for putting some text over them.

Wrap Up

So, do you have any social media marketing tool that makes your operations on social media a breeze? If not, opt for any of above-mentioned marketing tools social media, and pick the most effective ones for your freelancing business.

Do some research, understand the needs of your objective, and consider your audience base. But whatever you do, stay loyal to your clients to have a long-term career in freelancing.