People prefer to conduct everything virtually, with everything going digital and the futuristic metaverse soon to be launched. In the globalization era, and with COVID-19 hitting the world, everyone prefers to stay indoors from their comfy couch, sipping coffee and attending meetings.

For a physical event, much planning happens, with a lot of time consumed. Event marketers and planners ruin too much planning everything about the Event. But the sudden shifting of most events to digital platforms has pushed them into an unknown world.

Well, the LinkedIn events tutorial video explains it all on how event marketers & planners can use LinkedIn events to help brands scale their circumstances and can use it as a better strategic alternative.

How to use the LinkedIn Events Tutorial Video to set up an event

So, the video tutorial in detail shows the below steps

1. Create a LinkedIn account

Go to the homepage of LinkedIn and use the signup button to register yourself by providing your email ID and choosing a password.

2. Create an event page

Create an Event

Use the create a company page option in the menu inside the work icon on the top-right corner of the LinkedIn home page.

If a company already has a LinkedIn Page or you already have the above two, proceed to the third step.

3. Have access to the page as Admin

If, in case, you created the LinkedIn Page, then you will automatically have access to the page as an Admin. But if you are using an existing LinkedIn page, you will have to ask the admin/ creator of the page to give access to you.

4. Enter the LinkedIn Page as an Admin

On the LinkedIn home page, if you are an admin, the page’s name will be displayed on the left. Click on it to enter the page.

5. Create an Event

After clicking on the page name for which you want to create the Event, you will see Admin Tools. Click on it and navigate to Create Event. Fill out the form displayed on the screen. Ensure to fill in all the details with care. If it is entirely an online event like the one discussed at the start of this LinkedIn events tutorial video, then toggle the online-only button on.

6. Grab the attention

Once the form is filled and submitted, the Event is created. And a unique link is created for the Event and is displayed. Copy the unique URL and share it across all the platforms, including the LinkedIn network, page followers, etc. Create a flyer and float it across LinkedIn with the Event Link. This drives more audience registration to the Event by grabbing their attention.

You can also share the link through Email Marketing, website, paid ads, and other content distribution means.

7. Keep the audience engaged

The best thing about organizing an event using LinkedIn events is you can engage the audience before, while and after the Event. Use polls, questions, posts and other things to engage the audience in the events.

Follow relevant topics & hashtags and people in the related industry.

8. Final step

After all the above steps are done, the final moment arrives, the BIG DAY!

YES, the final moment to Launch the Event is shown in the LinkedIn events Tutorial Video. You can stream the Event Live using any of the 3rd party tools. Then, configure it to send the live stream to your Event. LinkedIn helps you by alerting and notifying everyone who registered for your Event as soon as the Event goes live.

All you have to do is, Let the Event go on without interruptions. Tada! That was all you had to do to host your Event through LinkedIn events. This is one of the most effective ways and a tool that gives more reach than any other event possible. Some event marketers and planners prefer to conduct even offline events online to get more reach and more audience. With this revolutionary online event organiser, companies can seamlessly conduct their operations.