As the sun rises on Friday morning, the Road Warriors travel from car to car, collecting tickets and fastening wristbands to the loyal members of the Heron Tribe, those people who return to this site in Western New York for The Great Blue Heron Music Festival every Fourth of July weekend. The Heron Farm and Event Center celebrated its 28th anniversary this year.

The Heron is a tiny event, with between six and eight thousand visitors each year, but many of them feel a profound connection to the land and the festival, and cries of “Happy Heron” and “Welcome Home” reverberate around the grounds.

Fan favorites Donna the Buffalo, Driftwood, The Town Pants, and Sun King Warriors will perform at the 2022 Blue Heron Music Festival!! Plus, six previously unseen performers, including Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Dr. Bacon, New Planets, and Julia!

The Blue Heron is an Americana music event held in the highlands of western New York at a lovely campsite. It’s a microcosm of how the world should be! There will also be a Late Night Dance Tent, Drum Circle, Kids’ Tent, Vendors, and more!

Heron History

According to Heron tradition, the festival grew out of a Sunday BBQ with Donna the Buffalo, but Julie Rockcastle, the event center’s co-owner and administrator, is eager to dispute that perception. After working on the inaugural Grassroots Festival, David Tidquist thought, ‘We could do something here, and maybe with a party with Donna, a one-day BBQ event.’

But that’s not how it turned out. We began in March of that year. Rockcastle reflects. It was a wonderfully nice March–70 degrees–and we continued coming out and wandering the countryside and talking. It didn’t take long for the debate to devolve into let’s do three days. So we followed the same format as before.

How Great Blue Heron Festival Attracts New Seasonal Business Persons?

The ability to take extended breaks

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Have more time to strategize

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Direct Marketing 

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Seasonal Labor 

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Tips for Seasonal Business Persons

Make important relationships

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Advanced Planning 

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Innovate while you sleep.

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The stock should be carefully planned: Make sure you order appropriately for the time period you’re looking at. While it may be simpler to simply click repeat on expenditure with your supplier, this may result in sitting stock, which can have a significant impact on your bottom line.


Having a seasonal best business blogs 2022 and running a year-round business both have advantages and disadvantages. The answer is determined by your definition of a lucrative company idea. But believe us when we say that the Heron Music Festival is a fantastic opportunity for seasonal business owners. You’ll need to plan for the unusual, prepare for the more successful period, and use your vacation time wisely.