2022 is knocking right at the door. But have you decided what to do with your savings? Well, if you don’t want to fall behind others, you must seek professional guidance from any reckoned personal finance advisor and maximize your savings. But don’t you know whom to approach?

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Well, don’t worry. We have prepared a list of the top 25 personal finance advisors in this article. So, whether you want funding for your business, guidance on how to generate more money, or earn tips on finance management, you can avail yourself of any of the following finance companies or individual advisors. Thus, here, have a look!

Vivek S.G

Vivek S.G comprehends your financial needs and priorities well, and he has long years of experience in providing personal finance advice. So, you can get in touch with him to get the best personal finance advice.

Viresh Patel

If you are looking for a personal finance planner who can stay with you throughout your financial journey until it expands with full potential, talk to Viresh Patel. He is one of the leading financial advisors in India.

Vipin Khandelwal

The list of top financial advisors will remain incomplete without the mention of Vipin Khandelwal. He has the potential to grow your finances within a short period and also ensure that your financial success stays intact in the long run.

Vikram Krishnamoorthy

When it comes to a personal finance statement, it gives you a roadmap and clarity for attaining your economic goals. And in this regard, Vikram Krishnamoorthy successfully paves the way to your success regardless of your net worth and income.

Venkateshwaran Subramanian

Venkateshwaran Subramanian helps you make financial decisions based on your risks while ensuring that you can control your cash flow, avoid expensive mistakes, reduce your debts, and meet your financial commitments.

Urmil Trivedi

You must have heard the name of Urmil Trivedi, isn’t it? Well, she is one of the best financial advising personalities in India. So, do not miss your opportunity to seek personal financial advice from Urmil Trivedi and increase your savings multi-folds.

Upasana Mondal

Upasana Mondal is a certified financial planner awarded by many reputed authorities in India. By considering her as your financial guide, you will get golden opportunities for your financial success in a short span.

Swapnil Kendhe

Apart from financial advice, Swapnil Kendhe educates clients on managing finance properly. As you all know, education is something that you will remember for a lifetime. So, grab this opportunity and contact him today!

Suresh Sadagopan

Are you out of your peace because you do not know how to generate more money based on your current personal finance statement? Well, then you need Suresh Sadagopan by your side. He is an ideal client-centric personal finance advisor who always stays unbiased and transparent while engaging and giving advice to his clients.

Sriram Jayaraman

This renowned finance advisor has tremendous experience, and you do not need to cite a long story to explain your situation to him. Instead, Sriram Jayaraman will ask you a few questions, and it will be enough for him to evaluate your current financial status so that he can give the best advice tailored to your needs.

Srinivasan S R

Srinivasan S R is a reputed financial advisor in India. His approach includes data analysis for providing the best financial advice to clients. He connects with you and offers customized advice as per your situation.

Soubhagya Kumar Patra

Soubhagya Kumar Patra strives to help you set up financial goals and take the necessary actions in removing obstructions and discovering newer ways to achieve your objective in the given timeline.

Shilpa Wagh

Shilpa Wagh is another famous woman financial advisor of India whose goal is to make sure that every client meets their financial wishes. Also, various finance management courses are offered by her. So, you can opt for them to handle your finances better.

CapitalVia Global Research Limited

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It is one of the best and oldest standalone personal finance advisors in the nation. This finance company offers top-notch financial advice so that you can stay at the peak of your success.

Bajaj Capital Limited

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Are you looking for a financial advisory firm? Well, Bajaj Capital Limited is always there to give you the best financial advice to manage your personal or business finance.

DSP Merrill Lynch Limited

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Currently, it is one of the most renowned financial firms that provide valuable financial advice to people across the nation.

Kotak Private Equity Group

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You must have already heard the name of Kotak Private Equity Group. It offers practical financial advice to medium-sized enterprises and organizations for transforming them into industry leaders.

Unit Trust of India

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Popularly known as UTI, this financial company offers optimum financial advice and a wide range of financial services to clients residing in India.


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In India, Deloitte provides a wide range of financial advice services so that you can improve your organization or personal well-being within a short span.

BTS Investment Advisors Limited

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This company prioritizes integrity, confidentiality, and fairness in its personal finance advice services. However, it is also a powerful financial driving force behind several Indian enterprises.

PAAR Tax and Investment Consultants Limited

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This financial advisory company offers expert financial advice to individuals and business entities. It has clients in almost every sector of the business spectrum of India.

Go 4 Advisory Services

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It is India’s one of the leading financial advisory houses. The company provides expert tech information and analysis to facilitate immense financial growth.

River Bridge Investment Advisors Private Limited

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Are you looking for a professional financial advisory firm to boost your business growth? Then, opt for this company’s services as it specializes in helping businesses generate more capital.


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It commits to facilitating a better world by providing the best financial advice to its clients so that they can have sustainable growth.

Boston Consulting Group

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Boston Consulting Group is a reckoned global financial management consulting firm. So, you can easily avail yourself of its services and expect the best financial advice to solve every complexity of your financial goals.

Bottom Line

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So, we have provided you with a comprehensive list of the best financial advisor personalities and companies that can boost your financial success and status. Thus, you can quickly get your goals correct by seeking optimum advice from India’s leading personal finance advisors. So, what are you waiting for? Choose any of the options mentioned above and start your financial planning now!