After the first release of the iPhone 1 by Apple on 29 June 2007 a revolution took place in the world of the smartphone business. After 15 years of the iPhone, it’s still hitting the market and becoming one of the most sold devices overall.

Of the total population in the world, 16% of people own an iPhone. It means that Apple has successfully created an ecosystem. iPhones have evolved with the latest updated technology. And, there are millions of applications that Apple currently provides. These applications have multiple settings that can make one’s life easier. The new features introduced by Apple make it easy to monitor the amount of time spent on a device by a user. Likewise, multiple ways can teach a user how to hack screen time limits.

How To Hack Screen Time Limit?

If a user has learned to hack screen time on an iPhone, there are many ways to fix the loopholes a user needs to look at. To prevent a user from using websites, certain apps, and features on a device all you need to know is how to hack screen time.

1. To overcome App restrictions, modify the iPhone time

One of the easiest methods to hack the screen time limit on an iPhone is to change the date and time. Here are the steps to overcome the hack screen time. Firstly go to the settings and then go to general, open the Date and Time option and disable the option of “Set Automatically” to prevent automatic updating of Date and Time. This enables editing the settings and manually updating the date and time.

2. Deleting and Reinstalling Apps

Deleting the app from the device and reinstalling it can wipe the screen time restrictions. It’s pretty simple to block reinstalling and installing apps in the settings.

Go to the settings > screen time, tap on content and privacy restrictions then insert the screen time password. Go to iTunes and App Store Purchases and disallow Installing Apps, deleting Apps, and In-app Purchases.

3. To watch Youtube on iMessage

Enabling screen time will not allow using Youtube videos for unlimited time on a device. To watch Youtube app videos without restrictions, using iMessage is the effortless method that allows watching Youtube videos.

This way, one can access the Youtube app and can easily hack the screen time limit. To overcome this you have to Block Youtube in screen time on an iPhone. Settings > tap on screen time. Tap on Content and Privacy Restrictions, then go to Content Restrictions, tap on Web content, and turn on Limit Adult Websites. Choose Never Allow and click on Add website. In the provided space type the Youtube URL and it will be blocked on your iPhone.

4. Using an Unlock App

There are certain applications that have effective solutions to remove various locks. Such Applications can enable the device for the user how to get locked out in no time.

5. Use Siri for communication

This is a difficult-to-spot hack and is commonly used by users, so it is important to watch over the user from time to time while they use iPhones. A user can seek help from Siri by asking it to send a message. To stop this, turn off Siri and Dictation in the settings by following the steps. Go to settings then tap Screen Time > the Content and Privacy Restrictions option, tap on Allowed Apps and turn off the Siri and dictation option.

6. Recording a video from Screen

Video recording feature is one of the best ways to hack the screen time passcode by turning it from the notification panel for an iPhone user. One can easily disable the screen recording feature to block the trick by these steps, go to settings then tap on Screen Time, click on Content and Privacy Restrictions then disable the Screen Recording by clicking on the Don’t Allow option.

7. To Find Screen Time Passcode

The above method is all about how to hack the screen time limit and how to bypass it when an individual doesn’t know the passcode but if somehow a user could find the passcode so they can easily disable the screen time. In such cases, a user should change the passcode to one that is stronger and more complex. For that go to the setting on your iPhone, then click on Screen Time, tap on Change Screen Time Passcode, enter the new passcode and save.


There are so many tutorials to learn how to hack screen time. But among all the methods, the above methods are the easiest and most convenient for a user to learn. It shows the different ways to prevent the passcode from being hacked and also to hack the screen time. These methods allow users to hack on iOS devices without any loss of data very safely. Thankfully, to ensure your loved ones remain safe and stay within the limits one can easily fix it with many features and options provided by iPhones.