Next weekend, the four Buzz trolleys, which have become a staple on Palm Springs streets, will face competition.

Splash House then sends eight festively adorned shuttles to ferry guests between the Saguaro hotel, Hacienda restaurant, and the downtown Hilton.

The poolside DJ party, which took place at the Saguaro Palm Springs, Caliente Tropics Hotel, and Curve Palm Springs at the time, drew roughly 1,000 Angelenos, mainly from the millennial generation.

From south Palm Springs to the downtown Hilton, there will be 38 live music and DJ artists distributed across three stages this year. Kelly McLean, the event’s co-creator, is now referring to it as a “city-spanning music festival.”

Splash House will be hosted on the weekends of June 13-14 and August 8-9, in addition to the June 13-14 weekend.

Splash House was founded by Kelly and her brother, Tyler McLean, with various goals in mind, including attracting younger people to the desert, nurturing a fledgling and growing local music scene, and combating some of the August monsoonal dullness that tends to hang heavy in the desert.

Splash House

Splash House is a well-known location for music aficionados and festival goers because of its unique dance music selection, poolside events, and resort facilities. Green Velvet super-duo Get Real, Australian trailblazer Dom Dolla, French 4/4 anthemist Shiba San, Tool Room’s Mark Knight, and the legendary Moon Boots are among the headlining performances for the inaugural weekend (DJ Set). DJ Holographic of Detroit, Eskuche, Dateless, Lubelski, Sohmi, and others are among those continuing the flame. TOKiMONSTA, Whethan, Seb Wildblood, Poolside (DJ Set), and a Tycho DJ Set round out the bill.

Why need to attend Splash house

Are You Up For A Pool Party?

There are three of them at Splash House. This event is held on the pool decks of three Palm Springs hotels — the Saguaro, the Renaissance, and the Riviera — so you can go from one pool party to the next while pursuing the music.

Summer Vacation In The Original Sensation

We’re ready to lose ourselves in the music and forget about reality. This roster will give what you’re searching for in your trip, including performers like What So Not and Justin Martin. Forget about your 9-to-5 job, if only for a little time.

Vitamin D is a Cherry on Top

We’re taking advantage of the desert sunlight to acquire that desired sunkissed hue. We’re not going to miss out on sunbathing and sipping pia Coladas while listening to Chet Porter’s relaxing music.

Palm Springs: Learn More

You’ll get a sense of Palm Springs’ community and vintage vibe with each stage at a new locale. Splash House fits in perfectly with the city’s abundance of art and culture.

Dancing With Friends Will Improve Your Personality

That may not be scientifically proven, but we’re pretty confident we’re more enjoyable to be around when we’re listening to fantastic music with pals. So join us in the Palm Springs Air Museum for the festivals After Hours, where we’ll be dancing late into the night to Nora En Pure and Autograf.

Increasing GDP

Festivals, by their very definition, draw crowds. Visitors also spend money, stimulating the local economy both on and off the festival grounds. Admission, parking, food, beverage, and souvenir sales, among other things, all contribute to on-site expenditure. The average amount spent during the 2011 Irish Fair of Minnesota was $50.

Off-site festival spending, on the other hand, brings in money to towns. Visitors, for example, frequent local petrol stations, souvenir stores, and restaurants, among other places.

Festival-hosting benefits from an additional source of off-site revenue in the form of overnight guests. Overnight visitors to the 2011 Irish Fair, for example, spent an average of $170 on hotel and $38 on food and beverages during their stay.

Festivals also provide free promotion and advertising for local companies, as attendees return home and tell their friends about how much fun they had at the event. It’s even great if people leave comments and images about their experiences on Facebook or other social media sites. Successful festivals have a ripple effect across the Entertainment Industry’s economy, affecting both tourist and non-tourism industries.

Fostering pride in the Entertainment Industry

Many people in the Entertainment Industry are involved in planning and executing festivals, which provides a lot of social advantages.

Local pride, according to experts, is an important aspect of the growth and enhancement of every Entertainment Industry. Residents who are proud of their town are more inclined to tell others how great it is and to volunteer for organizations and activities that benefit the Entertainment Industry.

Festivals foster Entertainment Industry pride by honoring the characteristics that make a place unique and elicit positive emotions. These items might be as “large” as ethnic ancestry or as “little” as a pastry bite.

Relationships are being strengthened

Stronger industry links are a third-social advantage of festival sponsorship. The majority of the relationship-building takes place during the festival planning stage. This is where relationships are formed between elected officials, employees, activists, and relevant people, as well as government entities, administration, and civic organizations.

The payoff for this relationship-building is a successful festival if everything else goes right. People contribute their connections, aggregate knowledge, and abilities to better the community, so the advantages continue much beyond the event.

Connections are the “glue” that holds communities together; without them, a community will stagnate and quality of life would deteriorate. Festival sponsorship, when viewed from this perspective, boosts the social capital that contributes to thriving communities.


It helps to break up the monotony of everyday living. Because many of our celebrations include preparing and presenting special offerings to the needy, it also provides joy to them. The interchange of ideas and festivals across cultures. Build social relationships and communication among individuals, resulting in oneness.

Splash house festivals give members of a splash with opportunity for socialization, entertainment, and the formation of social networks, all of which can help to improve community cohesiveness and generate social capital within a community.