Are you weak in coding but still want to build a secure IT career? Well, do not worry; the IT sector is not only restricted to programming-based jobs. Your skills and interest might align well with other non-coding IT jobs like service and sales or a managerial position. 

So, just by having some basic computer skills, you can get several opportunities for in-demand and high-paying, non-coding IT jobs. But are you wondering which jobs would be the best ones to start with? Well, to do away with your confusion, we have enlisted the top 15 high-demand non-coding skills IT jobs to try in 2022.

SharePoint Administrator

The primary task of a SharePoint administrator is to oversee and administer a company’s site through Microsoft’s SharePoint web-based interface. As employees belonging to this domain mostly look after central admin and site settings, no programming skills are needed. 

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They facilitate online collaboration, make shared storage space for all essential files, and perform regular backups for easy data access to developers and programmers.

Game Tester

A quality assurance tester, also known as a game tester, experiments with various computer games to test different scenarios to check if the game runs on all levels while rendering an enhanced user experience. After that, the game tester reports to the programmer based on the outcome. If there is any issue or error, the tester informs the same to the developer.

Technology Journalist

It is one of the most creative IT jobs that does not require any coding skills. Tech journalists prepare top-quality reports by undergoing thorough research on the latest technologies. They mostly work for online magazines, private publications, or professional organizations. The job role of a technology journalist is to monitor the industry trends, attend tech events and conferences, and conduct interviews.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing is a progressive IT career to opt for if you do not have proper coding skills. Many cloud service providers offer a wide range of on-demand computing services, from data storage to processing. Hence, if you know how to properly handle any cloud computing platform, you do not need additional coding skills to perform cloud-based tasks.

Graphic Designer

Among other non-coding IT jobs, graphic designing is a hot career to choose. All you need to do is learn to use special design software and incorporate your creativity to create attractive edited images and other visually appealing presentations for different clients and companies. Also, you can further enhance your skills to do video editing and website designing.

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SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization or SEO specialists work to generate traffic and draw potential customers to their clients’ websites without doing any programming. They are well-acquainted with search engine behavior and Google algorithms. They also implement effective strategies like metadata, keywords, and tags for increasing search rankings.

Technical Recruiter

For IT positions, technical recruiter interviews, recruits, and presents candidates. As a result, they are armed with a foundational understanding of different IT jobs and their responsibilities. Also, they have powerful communication and interviewing skills.

Growth Hacker

One of the most popular non-coding jobs is to become a growth hacker. These people are responsible for evaluating and developing strategies that help increase the customer base. Several startups opt for growth hackers as they are well-aware of market trends, internet traffic, client behavior, and other metrics for designing focused initiatives for business growth. In addition, they consider possible alternatives and ensure that their clients get robust business growth.

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Data Analyst

Data analysts identify the departmental or organizational trends by analyzing specific data sets. They possess in-depth knowledge of statistics, market research, and data software. They report their predictions and findings to shareholders and executives to help them plan and make decisions for their businesses.

Business Analyst

The responsibilities of a business analyst include researching systems, products, services, and processes of a company to help them make effective recommendations for technical solutions. They also determine elements indispensable for a project to reach completion and ensure that the employees have sufficient resources. Hence, a business analyst helps businesses implement more cost-effective and efficient strategies without coding.

Software Sales Consultant

Software sales consultants operate in the SaaS (Software as a service) domain. They help generate leads, negotiate contracts, and close more deals. In addition, they manage relationships with vendors and clients. Often, they work in a commission-driven and competitive environment to boost business growth.

SAP Consultant

SAP stands for systems, applications, and products. Hence, SAP consultants work with IT companies to create customized solutions to meet the needs and goals of the organizations. SAP consultants research the companies’ current processes and detect the factors that need improvement. Their recommendations are based on technical and financial structures and staffing.

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UI/UX Designer

A UI/UX designer applies the principles of psychology, computer science, technology, and marketing to the ways in which computer applications, programs, and other factors function well. They are responsible for making different elements of these applications appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Information Architect

While talking about non-coding jobs, the list will remain incomplete without an information architect who often operates a part of the UX team and develops the presentation and order of information displayed on applications, programs, and websites. They also form the information structure by undergoing market research, behavioral trends, and usability tests.

Web Analytics Manager

A web analytics manager is dedicated to constantly analyzing and monitoring an IT enterprise’s online presence. Their responsibilities include incorporating CTR in emails, handling website traffic, writing blog content, and engaging on social media platforms. These managers are also responsible for developing proven digital strategies to enhance online engagement and increase sales.


So, when we talk about non-coding IT jobs in 2022, we refer to those tech careers where there is an involvement of working with computers or software but needs zero coding skills. So, if you are looking to develop such a career, the jobs mentioned above would be ideal for you to try in 2022. 

But whatever you do, research about the niche in which you want to work and arm yourself up with the best skills associated with that field.